A Complete Guide to Hainanese Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice is one of the most popular dishes in Singapore and Malaysia. Specially prepared rice served with tender and juicy chicken, and complete with the right dipping sauce. Hmm, what’s not to love. This recipe is created by immigrants from the island of Hainan in Southern China. What is so special about Hainanese … Read more

How to Make Nyonya Curry Laksa in 40 Minutes

Nyonya Curry Laksa

This authentic Asian noodle soup is cooked with many spices and herbs. In Malaysia and Singapore, curry noodles, curry laksa noodles and prawn noodles are very popular. The Nyonya curry laksa noodle soup goes well with rice noodles, yellow noodles (shanghai noodles), or vermicelli. What is Nyonya Curry Laksa? Nyonya Curry Laksa is a spicy … Read more

A Brief History of Nyonya

Nyonya Kueh

Zheng He Journey to the West 鄭和下西洋 In Ming Dynasty, China Emperor Yongle ordered naval envoys out to explore the world. Treasure ships sailed across the Indian Ocean and beyond. The main purpose was to forge alliances and to flaunt the glory of Imperial Ming China. In my opinion, securing exotic novelty treasures for Emperor … Read more

How to Make Nyonya Curry in 4 Easy Steps

I love curries. And there are many different types of curry around the world. For instance, the Nyonya curry, Thai curry, Indian curry. As a curry lover, I have so many different ones to choose from. In my opinion, Nyonya chicken curry cooked with potatoes is the best. And I serve my favourite with rice, … Read more