Easy Prawn Noodles in 3 Steps

Prawn Noodle Soup

Authentic Asian noodle soup cooks with many spices and herbs. In Malaysia and Singapore, prawn noodle is a thick prawn flavoured savoury soup served with yellow noodles (shanghai noodles) or vermicelli. What is Prawn Noodles ? Prawn Noodles are also known as 蝦麵 Hae Mee and are well known among the Malaysian and Singaporean Chinese. … Read more

Beginners Guide: Penang Assam Laksa

Assam Laksa

Penang Assam Laksa is a traditional noodle soup popular in Penang and northern Malaysia that consists of rice noodles and thick spicy, sour, sweet flavour fish-based soup. Shredded fish, sliced onion, cucumber, pineapple, mint leaves and lettuce are the common toppings. What Is Penang Assam Laksa? It is believed that the Malaysian fishermen who live … Read more

How to Make Nyonya Curry Laksa in 40 Minutes

Nyonya Curry Laksa

This authentic Asian noodle soup is cooked with many spices and herbs. In Malaysia and Singapore, curry noodles, curry laksa noodles and prawn noodles are very popular. The Nyonya curry laksa noodle soup goes well with rice noodles, yellow noodles (shanghai noodles), or vermicelli. What is Nyonya Curry Laksa? Nyonya Curry Laksa is a spicy … Read more

How to Make Nyonya Curry in 4 Easy Steps

I love curries. And there are many different types of curry around the world. For instance, the Nyonya curry, Thai curry, Indian curry. As a curry lover, I have so many different ones to choose from. In my opinion, Nyonya chicken curry cooked with potatoes is the best. And I serve my favourite with rice, … Read more